26 September 2011

Hanging Mobile (again)

Hello friends.....

So happy, Mba Iin, one of my blog followers, ask me to made 2 pcs hanging mobile for her baby.
Theme of hanging is 'things around my house' (house, tree, book, watch, and car) and 'in the sky' (clouds, star, moon, sun, and rainbow).

I hope Mba Iin and her baby loves it. :)

If you want to order it, please contact me.. ^__^

20 September 2011

New Logo

I have new logo.
Like my label, this logo made by Pepoloco too. 

(You can read it 'mochie - mochie')

Thank you Pepoloco...
I love your design so much..

Friends, If you want to make label or logo, you can contact them here... ^_^

16 September 2011

House Pouch

Hai all, see u again... :)
Newest product from Mochie2...

-House Pouch-

Materials : Belacu, Cotton n felt
Size : 19 x 15 cm

Berhubung stok kain belacunya habiiss, jadi baru buat 3pcs..
Edisi house pouch ini masih bersambung yaa, hihi.. :p

12 September 2011

Birdie Hanging Mobile

Hello world... :)
My first post in September, after Ied Holiday
(Happy Ied Mubarak ya All :D, *so late*)

And, it's my new creation, I made this for my nephew...

Birdie Hanging Mobile

Hope you like it, baby... :-*